Sri Gayatri Devi 


    \Bhur Bhuvah Svah

    Tat Savitur Varenyam

    Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

    Dhiyo Yo Na Prachodaya


    We Meditate

    On That Divine

    and Most Adorable Effulgent Radiance

     Permeating the Physical, 

    the Astral and the Celestial Plane.

    May Our Intellect and Spiritual Wisdom

    be Enlightened and Awakened by That Light.



    Su Quella Adorabile Divina  

    e Radiante Effulgenza

    Che Permea i tre Piani: Fisico, Astrale e Celeste.

    Possano il Nostro Intelletto

    e La Saggezza Spirituale

    Essere Illuminati e Risvegliati da Quella Luce.



    The Earth (bhur), the planets (bhuvah), and the galaxies (svah)

    are moving at a great velocity,

    the sound produced is AUM, (the name of formless God).

    That God (tat) who manifests Himself in the form of light of sun (savitur)

    is worthy of our bowing / respect and most adorable (varenyam).

    We therefore, meditate (dhimahi ) upon the light (bhargo)

    of that deity (devasya) And also do chanting of AUM.

    May He (yo) enlighten and inspire (prachodayat)

    our (na) intellect (dhiyo).




    Three Dimensions
    The mantra has three dimensions: praise, meditation, and prayer. The praise is of the bestower of happiness, the embodiment of knowledge and light. The meditation is of the glory of the Divine who is the remover of darkness, of ignorance, pains, and of sorrows. The prayer finally is to the Lord of light, the most adorable, worthy of our solicitation and respect, to reflect light so that our intellect is sharpened and all our ignorance is destroyed.

    Tre Dimensioni

    il mantra ha tre dimensioni: lode, meditazione e preghiera.

    La lode è dispensatrice di felicità, personificazione di conoscenza e luce.

    La meditazione è la gloria del Divino che è colui che rimuove l'oscurità, l'ignoranza, dolori e pene.

    La preghiera infine è al Signore della Luce, colui da adorare, degno del nostro sollecito e rispetto a riflettere la luce

    sìcché il nostro intelletto si affini e tutta la nostra ignoranza venga  distrutta.


     It is portrayed as the goddess seated on a red lotus, having five heads, ten eyes, ten arms equipped with all weapons. The goddess is also shown as accompanied by a swan and having a book in one hand while conch in the other. Indeed a beautiful projection well decorated with multiple meaningful symbols. Many a learned scholars have also suggested that while chanting the mantra one should wear yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mat facing east. On a covered wooden seat make a mound of rice grains dyed yellow. On the mount, place a coconut and tie a sacred red- thread around the latter. Also apply a mark of red vermilion. On the right side, place red rose- petals, a lamp (Deepak) and a conch (shankh). Place on it incense, Ghrit Deepak (lamp filled with clarified butter), flowers, rice- grains, vermilion etc. Thereafter, start chanting the mantra and all your wishes would be fulfilled. All your desires for worldly possessions, wealth and material benefits would be realized and you would overcome all of your ailments and diseases.